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Denise Richards the best ex-wife ever!

by Nikki Montgomery

Denise Richards is the best ex-wife ever! 

Charlie Sheen lost a good one when he and Denise Richards split. While the two were married they had 2 children together and after they split they remained friends. Sheen then got together with hot mess Brooke Mueller who has been in and out of rehab more times than Lindsay Lohan. Sheen and Mueller had twin boys together. Their split wasn't nearly as amicable. 

When Sheen had his very public meltdown Richards was there for him in any way she could. Taking care of his children when he needed her to and being a friend to him when he needed one most desperately. 

Richards recently adopted a baby girl to add to her family. Now a single mother of 3 daughters Denise Richards has agreed to take in Sheen's twin sons because Mueller is back in rehab and is incapable of taking care of them on her own. Sheen is arguing that the boys should stay with Richards for good.

Mueller is fighting for her children not because she loves them and wants them close, but because she says she can't survive without the child support from Sheen. During the time she's in rehab she wants the children in the custody of her brother.

Get this! Richards isn't even asking for child support! She is responsible for 5 children now with the help of only one nanny. Pretty amazing woman if you ask me!

My question is why isn't Charlie trying to get custody of his own children? He seems to be doing better these days.