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Just what are cheese curds?

by Jack Taylor

One of my favorite fair stops is the cheese curd vendor.  Those salty, bite size balls of chewy, rubbery, pre-cheese are just plain fun to eat.

What are cheese curds?  From what my limited research tells me, they're the product of soured milk, essentially curdled milk.  You can take the curds and press them into cheese.  But here in the MIdwest we like to dip 'em in batter and deep fat fry them.  Much like do with everything else.  I've heard about deep fat fried butter at the Minnesota State Fair.  We do like our heart attack on a stick.

One disturbing fact turned up in my research into the world of cheese curds.  After 12 hours, even when refrigerated, the cheese curd loses much of it's "fresh" qualities.  I don't know if carnival vendors make their own cheese curds or bring a refrigerated trailer load of them.

I'm not sure I want to know more about cheeses curds.  This is plenty.  I enjoy cheese curds at the fair and how they're made really doesn't matter.  Once food is battered and deep fat fried, all prior evils are forgiven.