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Who Wants a Bacon Shelled Taco?

by Jeff Flynt

Do you like tacos? 

Do you like bacon?

Then do I have a treat for you! It's the latest rage in what I'd like to dub, "crazy cuisine." Because when you hear about these things, you say to yourself, "that's crazy!"

The West Michigan Whitecaps is touting their "baco", which is a cute way of saying bacon-shell taco. Forget the crispy corn tortilla shell, and bring on the crispy pork goodness!

But what's even better than having it at the ballpark, is making your own.

All that's needed is 14 strips of bacon and the artfulness to criss-cross it, bake it and then shape it. It also lends itself to many other concoctions, featuring your new-found ability to weave bacon.

It's my kind of tasty art!

(photo courtesy of West Michigan Whitecaps)