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Top 10 Things You'll Never Hear Dad Say

by Corey Carter

(photo courtesty:By Helge Ghringer [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons)

10 -There's no way I can build that new addition . . . I have minimal experience and substandard tools!

9-You're right, honey. The NFL RedZone package is taking me away from you on Sundays. I'll cancel it.

8-There's no way I'm going to stop and admire that classic Corvette in the grocery store parking lot.

7-Ugh, enough with the Bob Seger music!

6-Thanks, but Old Spice is a bit too strong for me.

5-Wouldn't it be a better idea to invest in a sensible Dodge Caravan?

4-Instead of me trying to fix this, let's just call a repairman.

3-Honey, would you please go to my computer and look at my browser history, and then clear it, please?

2-Don't call what your mom does all the time "nagging" . . . it's constructive criticism only meant to make me feel

better about myself.

1-I get tons of compliments when I wear dark socks with sandals.