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Be on Chimaira's Guest List FOR LIFE!

by Terry Stevens

Chimaira just posted the following on their Book of Face :

PHOTO CREDIT:  Chimaira's Facebook Page

"There's something we haven't told you. There are 10 individually marked CHAOS TICKETS placed in random retail copies of "Crown of Phantoms." Whoever finds one is granted GUESTLIST FOR LIFE and $50 worth of Chimaira Merchandise. Best Buy will be your best bet. FYE also carries the album as well as some Walmarts & independent stores. LET THE SEARCH BEGIN!!"

Gotta give credit to a band who's facing the reality of today's musical marketplace.  If you want money for songs, you have to deliver an experience to go with it.  Plus if the two songs they've released so far are any indicator, "Crown of Phantoms" will absolutely be worth the bucks.

Mad props to Chimaira for the fan-service on this promotion!

*In addition to thinking that the new Chimaira is pretty badass, "Scary" Terry Stevens is the host of Scary Terry's Saturday Nightmare, a 3 hour metal show heard every Saturday from 9 to Midnight CST on Rock 94.7/102.9 in Central Wisconsin, online at www.rock947.com/listen-live and on your smartphone or tablet when you download the Rock 94.7 app.