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Why Vinnie Paul is right (and why most rock/metal "journalists" are wrong)

by Terry Stevens

PHOTO CREDIT:  Chicks With Guns, Creative Commons License
If I were Vinnie Paul, I'd boycott all interviews with the metal/rock press until each and every member of said press stops asking the following question:

"So, like, what's up with Pantera, bro?"

Here's Vinnie's latest response, courtesy of the Rock Blog :

In case you don't feel like watching the whole vid, here's Vinnie's response about a Pantera Reunion/Tribute show with Zakk Wylde (or some other guitarist) filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell:

"How does PANTERA get back together without Dimebag Darrell? That's the bottom line. It's never gonna happen."

Let me retype that for emphasis:

"How does PANTERA get back together without Dimebag Darrell? That's the bottom line. It's never gonna happen."

Now, I'm sure that some folks may be disappointed by that statement.  To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing a tribute/reunion gig featuring the 3 remaining members of the band along with a series of guest guitarists (kinda like the "Death To All" tour in tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner).

With that being said, I don't deserve to see that show.  Vinnie Paul doesn't owe me that show.  It doesn't matter how many times I've bought Pantera's albums, T-shirts or concert tickets. 

Are you about to issue the butthurt cry of "What about teh fanz?"

Hey, I am a fan too, and Vinnie Paul doesn't owe me or you a damn thing.

Vinnie saw his own brother gunned down on stage before his very eyes.  I've played in bands with my brother.  I couldn't even begin to imagine that sort of thing happening at a gig.  If Vinnie doesn't want to do Pantera or Damageplan stuff any more for whatever reason, whether it's out of respect for his late brother or whether it's too damn painful to bear, I can respect that.

I can also leave it off the table when interview time rolls around. 

To my fellow rock/metal journalists, Vinnie has responded to the "So what's up with Pantera, bro?" question enough times to where you should be able to take the freaking hint already.  When Vinnie's ready to talk Pantera or Damageplan again, I'm sure he'll let us know.  In the meantime, give the guy some grieving and breathing room.

Instead, ask him about Hellyeah.  This is Vinnie's baby.  He's all in on it. 

Let's face it.  If Hellyeah disbanded, most of the members would bounce back okay.  If Chad and Greg wanted to do Mudvayne again, they could.  Tom Maxwell could probably swing a Nothingface reunion.  Bob Zilla could find a gig because every band needs a solid bass player.

But Vinnie Paul?  What does he do?  Pantera or Damageplan?  Nope.  Brother Dime is still dead.  So then what?  Go home?  Watch Netflix?

No.  Vinnie's a performer.  Like all performers, he NEEDS to play.  Not in the basement, but in front of a crowd.  Hellyeah gives him that outlet.

I had an opportunity to interview Vinnie's Hellyeah bandmates last year just before their latest album "Band of Brothers" came out.

Luckily for Vinnie, Chad, Greg, Tom and Bob are all in too.  Listen to "Band of Brothers".  It's the album you've been waiting for from Hellyeah.  They ditched most of the Southern Rock B.S. and brought the metal.  It's worth a listen. 

You can catch Hellyeah at Rock Fest in Cadott, WI this summer.  I'll be there too.  And I promise, should the opportunity arise that I get to interview Mr. Paul, I'm not going to go grave-digging through the man's grief just to score a few hits on my blog.

I know this may be a shocker to my regular readers/listeners, but amazingly enough, I actually have standards.

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