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Jackman Answers Questions About Wolverine

by Amber Lee

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26th and deals with morality - or possibly immortality as the case may be with Wolverine. Hugh Jackman answers a series of questions from Twitter followers about the movie and the character. Watch them below & enjoy!

What's your favorite part about playing Wolverine?

How much training did you do to prep for this role?

How does Japan factor into the new movie?

How has playing Wolverine changed you over the years?

Would you like to live as long as the character Wolverine lives? Why or why not?

Tell us about the cast. What was it like working with them?

What scene are you most excited for us to see in the movie?

When you're hanging out on set all day, do you find yourself calling people bub?

Wolverine has always been a part of a group, but it's just you in this movie. What was that pressure like?

What was it like working with James Mangold (Director)?