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Children's Car Seats Are DIRTIER Than Toilets

by Vanessa Ryan

Parents...this may make you gag.

There are twice as many dangerous germs on a child's car seat as there is on your toilet seat.

Researchers found 100 dangerous bacteria and fungi, on average, from testing just a centimeter of a car seat. The bacteria found were linked to germs that can cause E. Coli and salmonella.

Our cars tend to be more infested with bacteria than our homes. Many of us drive around with trash in our cars and don't realize what kind of bacteria we're allowing to live in there because of it.

What kind of trash do people tend to leave around?

Broken ice-scraper

Box of tissues

Old blanket


Chocolate bar wrappers

Out of date map

Old phone charger

More HERE.

Feel like running out to your car and wiping it down with anti-bacterial wipes?


~BS and Vanessa