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A Christmas Program Preschool FAIL

by Corey Carter

I found out that my 4-year-old daughter, who is usually a social butterfly, has an extreme case of stage-fright.  I attended her first Christmas Music Program at preschool today.

I figured that pictures would tell the story best.

It started out good, she was REALLY excited:

Then the teacher told them to take their places, and the surprise shyness began:

...and they were singing....except my daughter...who stood there silent like this:

She wanted to hide when they sang "Rudolph..."

Finally...it was over...she DID enjoy snack-time after:

I'm sure there have been many parents who have been through the same thing...it was kinda cute...and disappointing at the same time.   I guess we'll get tease her about this a little when she gets older :)