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Back to School! Don't Embarrass us Dad...

by David Kuharski

Today was the 1st full day of school for three of our kids.  Yesterday was orientation day but today was the "real deal" and I'm glad I had my wife flanking me.  She's a seasoned pro at this!  Other Dads and Moms may be able to empathize with me.  During the drop-off and picture taking I nearly stepped in two parental NO NO's.

First-- When you see the colorful little tag with your child's name above a hook (for the jacket and backpack)--DON'T help them, or do the job for them.  I dunno, I guess it was just the daddy in me that wanted to help my girls.  But as Mumma reminded me, they need to do it--not me.  In that moment I saw how much they've grown and the moment hit.  (Nope, no tears or breakdowns in the 4-K room--but it was close)

Second-- Be confident!  As I shored up my composure we ferried our little girls into class.  Then my wonderful wifey gave them a kiss and hug and said 'Have fun! I'll see you in a little while!' Then she smiled and walked out.  No emotion, no doubt-- she was happy and confident!  In a whirl I followed Julie out and brought our son to his class.  We had to wait and he started to fuss.  As I went to console him I was reminded-- Have fun!  Be confident! 

Yup, it turns out I nearly became the issy

By Ingrid Taylar (Flickr: School Bus Reflection) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons