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33 weeks and more aches and pains

by Nikki Montgomery

Week 33 and the pains are popping up more and more. I think I freaked Josh out a little last night. He was in the kitchen cutting up Mia's dinner and I was sitting at the table when all of a sudden I gasped and yelled "ouch!" Followed by a few deep breaths. I had a very strong sharp pain in my lower abdomen. It stuck around for a few minutes before finally subsiding. I've been having Braxton hicks  contractions more and more often and this pain was not like that. 

At this point in my pregnancy with a belly the size of mine I expect aches and pains. Specifically hip and back pain, and of course sore muscles in my belly. All this is normal. My discomfort will continue to grow the closer I get to meeting my baby girls and I know that. When the babies drop that's when I'll really start feeling the pain.

One of the pains I commonly feel lately is what people refer to as "lightning crotch." Pleasant isn't it? If you haven't experienced it before it's like a quick stabbing pain through your cervix. What usually causes it is the baby moving and pushing his or her head onto your cervix or perhaps kicking it. It may be a quick sharp pain, but it will stop you in your tracks. Don't worry though it doesn't mean you're in labor and it's perfectly normal.

I have also been feeling some light cramping. This is something I should talk to my doctor about. I have another ultrasound coming up next week so that will give us a look at how the babies are doing. We really want these girls to stay in here for a few more weeks. 

We have to make it at least 2 weeks to be able to deliver at Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital in Stevens Point otherwise we have to go to Ministry Saint Joseph's in Marshfield because that's where the NICU is. We really don't want our babies to be in NICU at all or even need an extended stay at the hospital so the longer they stay in and cause me discomfort the better. Our C-section is planned for October 25th (38 weeks) however our OB Dr. Keegan doesn't seem too confident that I'll make it that far. The goal is to deliver sometime between 36 and 38 weeks. 

We found out that Dr. Keegan is on vacation week 37 so we made sure to make our next appointment with the new doctor, Dr. Michelle Goetter. I want to make sure I'm familiar with all the doctors in the case that one of them has to deliver our babies. I believe that when you have twins you need two OB doctors in the room anyway so even if my regular doctor is there I'd like to be familiar with the other doctor on hand. 

Dr. Jamison delivered Mia and she was our last appointment before Mia was born so I'm glad I made the rounds last time. For anyone having a baby I know it's comfortable staying with your regular doctor, but I recommend at least meeting the other doctors just in case. 

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