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Being a new twin mom is tough

by Nikki Montgomery

Twins are awesome and tough at the same time. It's amazing to think that only a week ago these two girls were inside my belly. Now they're out battling the world. The last week has been rough though I'm not going to sugar coat it. 

The twins were born on Wednesday 10/23/13 and everything was wonderful that day as you read in my birth story blog. Thursday was good I was learning how to handle breastfeeding. I started out feeding one baby at a time to make sure they latched on well and once that was established our goal was to get them feeding together so I could get more rest, but that didn't work out. Getting the babies on the same feeding schedule proved to be much harder than I originally thought. 

Friday was a tough day too because both babies wanted to eat a lot and sometimes it was at the same time and other times it was not. I didn't get much sleep Thursday and Friday I didn't get a chance to rest because when I wasn't feeding I needed to eat. Saturday I was instructed to feed more often because their bilirubin counts were a little high and they needed to eat more to poop more. By evening I was exhausted. I was so far beyond the point of exhaustion I found myself crying to the nurse, Emma, that I just needed to rest.

Emma was an angel. Saturday night she took the babies to the nursery so I could get a few hours sleep in a row. The girls were a little fussy though so I gave permission for them to have pacifiers if that's what it took to calm them. Since they had plenty of practice latching on with all the feeding they were doing earlier in the day I wasn't too concerned about nipple confusion. 

I felt like as their mom I should be able to do this without help. I was upset with myself that I was having such a hard time and needed to ask someone else to care for my babies for a few hours. Emma reassured me that I was being a good mom by taking care of myself, because if I don't take care of myself I can't take care of my babies.

She was right. I got a few hours of sleep fed the babies at the same time and then Emma took them back to the nursery for a few more hours. It made a world of difference.

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