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Car Seats Checked

by Nikki Montgomery

Another "before twins" to do list item can be checked off. We got our car seats checked on Friday evening. I did a google search to find locations that do car seat checks and a whole list of places participating in Safe Kids Wausau came up, one of them was the Rothschild Police Department. So I called the Rothschild PD and set up an appointment the person who answered the phone connected me with Officer Jeff Zwicky who got us in later that same evening. 

We really thought we had our car seats installed correctly so it would be just a really quick safety check to reassure ourselves. However, we found out that two out of three of our seats were not installed correctly! Josh and Officer Zwicky adjusted the seats together and Officer Zwicky explained the reason for all the adjustments as they were making them. He also checked the recall list and expiration dates for us to make sure that our seats were safe. 

We were there for about 45 minutes and left feeling pretty good about our choice of places to have our car seats checked. Officer Zwicky at the Rothschild PD was super friendly and helpful and on top of it all he educated us so we know if we ever have to move our car seats we feel confident we can do it right. 

I highly recommend the Rothschild Police Department and Officer Jeff Zwicky if you need a car seat checked. It's a good idea to have every new car seat checked. If you move your child from an infant seat to a toddler seat take it in and he'll check it out for free for you and give you peace of mind.

We are going to be bringing these twins home from the Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital soon so that peace of mind is priceless. Travel safe!

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