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Expert Advice About Homework - Podcast

by Rural Virtual Learning Academy

The following podcast is worth a listen if you have ever had any of the following questions or concerns:

How much is too much homework in elementary school?

Why have we seen an increase in the amount of homework given to students in recent years?

What is the important of establishing a homework routine?

Why does my child take SO much longer to do homework than other children?

How should I approach a teacher if my child is struggling with homework?

How can I help my unmotivated child with homework completion?

What about the use of rewards to get my child to do homework?

What are the warning signs for learning disabilities versus typical homework struggles/resistance?

How can I end the immense homework battle in our household?

Expert Advice About Homework

Jessica Martin, Ed.S., NCSP

RVA School Psychologist & Director of Special Education and Student Services