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Obie is obese no more!

by Jeff Frieders

Remember Obie? 

The cute pup commonly known as "Obie, the obese dachshund" gained internet stardom last August.

Unfortunately his previous owners weren't able to help him maintain a healthy weight, but his new friends were determined to whip him into shape!

Here's a "before" video...

YouTube Description: Obie is a 6 year old standard dachshund who is on a mission to lose about 45 pounds. His current weight is 77lbs. His owners were no longer capable of caring for him and relinquished him. He is in a new home and on a weight loss program. His blood work is normal and he is otherwise healthy. Please follow his journey on FB; Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition. 

Poor guy.

But not to worry. Through months of hard work, Obie was able to drop fifty pounds!


Here's the "after" video that shows his amazing transformation.

YouTube Description: Obie the formerly obese dachshund shows off his astonishing weight loss on the beach after shedding 50lbs on a year-long diet. 

Way to go, Obie!