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David Draiman calls out Rolling Stone.

by Otto Man

DISTURBED frontman David Draiman has taken a shot at Rolling Stone magazine for its decision to to put Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of its latest issue. In a lengthy Facebook posting, Draiman accused the magazine of validating the [alleged bomber's] act to a whole new generation of wannabe terrorists seeking martyrdom and infamy and also added: “THE NEXT TERRORIST/MURDERING INCIDENT, BE IT ANOTHER BOMBER, OR A MADMAN WITH AN ASSAULT RIFLE, UNLEASHING FIRE UPON A SCHOOL FULL OF CHILDREN, IS ON YOU.” And Draiman also called for a boycott of the magazine, and was joined in that call by several other rock royalty including Tommy Lee and the rest of Motley Crue, and the Osborne kids.

More celebrities join in