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Metallica and AC/DC STILL selling a TON of albums!

by Otto Man

According to Billboard, both AC/DC and Metallica are back on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week. Nielsen SoundScan reported that Metallica's self-titled 1991 album will pass 16 million copies sold in the U.S. in the next three or four months. Its current rate of sales is about 2,000 to 3,000 per week. In 2009, "Metallica" passed Shania Twain’s 1997 set, "Come On Over", as the best-selling CD of the SoundScan era (from 1991 to present).

Back In Black re-entered  the charts at number 123, for the first time since August of last year, with sales increasing 49 percent this week. The combined SoundScan-era sales stand at 7.1 million.

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Otto's question? Where do they find 2,000 new people every week who like Metallica, and don’t already own the black album?