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More Metallica live video and an album update

by Otto Man

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich tells RollingStone.com that the band has amassed nearly 600 song ideas during rehearsals in January and March of this year, many of which came from jam sessions the musicians held while on tour. But Ulrich added: "I understand there are people waiting for a new record, and so are we but I can't stress about it. It's not like, 'F***, hurry up and get this record out.' Hurry up for what? So we can go play gigs? We already play gigs. We'll get there."

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Meanwhile Ulrich met with a disabled fan at the Orion Music and more festival:


In other Metallica news: the Press Of Atlantic City's Jennifer Bogdan reports:

An internationally known band that headlined a two-day concert at Bader Field last year has told one national media outlet that Atlantic City wasn't all it was cracked up to be, leaving little hope the act would return in the future. METALLICA frontman James Hetfield made the comments centered on hotel costs to Rolling Stone magazine earlier this month as the metal band moved its Orion Music + More festival to Detroit. Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford said the criticism is legitimate and called on the state and casino properties to work together to create an environment that will attract major outdoor concerts to Bader Field in the future. "I thought Atlantic City was going to be a lot better than it was," Hetfield told Rolling Stone earlier this month of the concert that drew nearly 24,000 people during two days, according to box office reports. "There was some gouging going on in hotels, ripping people off, crap like that. But it's a gambling town, and it's got a reputation for that. We're trying to make this affordable for people so that wasn't a great thing."

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The official MetOnTour video recap of METALLICA's March 4 concert in Perth, Australia during this year's Soundwave festival has been posted online. (Beware some NSFW language in the following)

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Meanwhile a new 25-minute MetOnTour recap video from METALLICA's Orion Music + More festival, which took place June 8-9 in Detroit, Michigan. This clip looks back on METALLICA bassist Robert Trujillo's crazy weekend of playing four live shows in two days. Footage includes "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" and "Whiplash" from the secret METALLICA set under the name DEHAAN, "Monster Skank" from the INFECTIOUS GROOVES reunion show, "Follow The Blood Trail" from the TRUJILLO TRIO, and "Orion" from the main METALLICA set.