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Nikki Sixx takes shots at Sebastian Bach...

by Otto Man

Nikki Sixx took shots at Sebastian Bach, saying Bach should "let go" of the "former Skid Row singer" tag and made fun of him for being part of ABC's new competition series "Sing Your Face Off". During his Sixxs Sense radio show, Sixx said, "A new celebrity singing competition is coming to TV, like we haven't had enough. It's called 'Sing Your Face Off'. [It features] five celebrities, including former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach When is he gonna let go of the 'former Skid Row [tag]? I mean, at this point, dude, you've been out of Skid Row longer than Skid Row was even alive, Like, let it go! OK. He's gonna have to impersonate different musical icons. It should be fascinating. It starts May 31 on ABC. Let me set my DVR to 'Snooze.'" No response as of yet from Bach. More and more

Meanwhile antiMusic's Morley Seaver recently conducted an interview with former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach. Here and here

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