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Sammy out of court.

by Otto Man

The AP reports a judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit against Sammy Hagar that was filed by a former Playboy bunny who claimed he fathered her child. The judge ruled that Hagar didn't defame the woman when he accused her in his 2011 memoir "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock," of falsely naming him as the baby's father in order to extort money. The unnamed woman filed a lawsuit against Hagar in 2011 claiming he defamed her, violated her privacy, intentionally inflicted emotional damage and breached their 1989 confidentiality agreement. But the judge ruled Hagar didn't defame her because he didn't refer to her by name in the book, identifying her as a "Playboy bunny from California". The woman also couldn't prove she suffered financial, reputational or emotional injuries from his statements. No word on if the woman will appeal. More