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SIXX: A.M to release new music

by Otto Man

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has revealed that he will focus on his SIXX: A.M. project once he is done touring with his main band. In a brand new post on his official Facebook page, Sixx writes: "Yes, SIXX: A.M. has been my SIDE project but after Mötley Crüe is finished touring, it will become my MAIN project. I will finally have the time to commit to what so many have been asking for and that is a TOUR from SIXX: A.M. We will be releasing our new album this year… But I have to say it's gonna be a great send-off going out on top for me and the guys in the Crüe. I look forward to what they bring into the world too." Statement and more