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4 new bands that sound old-school

by Terry Stevens

My love affair with "Classic Rock" ended about 10 years ago.  There's only so many times that I can hear dad-rock like Led Floyd, Pink Zeppelin, The Rolling Who Beatles, and the like before I just flat-out tune out.

What was once nostalgic had become nauseating.

Nothing against the music itself, mind you.  I loved those "Classic Rock" songs of the 60s and 70s as much as the next guy.  They have massive hooks, solid musicianship and all the other key ingredients of a hit.  I just got burnt out on them.

With that being said, there has been a rush of new bands that embrace the sounds and production values of bygone days and use them to create something altogether new.

If you love classic rock, but wish it came out with new songs, check out:


1.  Purson


According to Wikipedia, Purson is some kinda Demon-King.  Then again, according to Wikipedia, I'm the Archduke of Suckitstan, so you know, take it with a grain of salt.

Purson (the band, not the demon) comes from England with a sound that takes the vibe of 60s psychedelic rock and mixes it with some occult stuff.  If you appreciate strong female lead vocalists like Grace Slick and Flo from Florence and the Machine, Purson's Rosie Cunningham should be your cup of tea too.  (Get it?  Tea?  Cuz she's English?)

Purson's "The Circle and the Blue Door" is a perfect album for a chill summer listen.


2.  Hexvessel


It takes a hell of a band to make Yoko Ono listenable, but I'll be damned if Hexvessel doesn't pull it off with flying colors.  Featuring Purson's Rosie Cunningham taking on the bulk of the vocals, Hexvessel's cover of "Woman of Salem" is full of win.

The rest of Hexvessl's stuff is pretty chill too.  You'll find "Woman of Salem" on their recent "Iron Marsh" EP.  The rest of their catalog is worth the download.


3.  Ghost B.C.


Take Blue Oyster Cult, add a heaping helping of Satan, and you've got Ghost (or Ghost B.C. as the lawyers would prefer).

Yes, they really dress like that when they play live.  They never reveal their identities to the media.  Their new album "Infestissumam" is full of win.  Check out their first album too.  It isn't quite as polished as "Infestissuman", but it's worth a listen if you dig Ghost B.C.'s sound.


4.  Scorpion Child


Hailing from Austin, TX, Scorpion Child gets into the louder, arena-rocking side of Classic Rock.  If you dig it live, loud and full of swagger, pick up their self-titled debut album now and crank dat ish all summer long.

* In addition to being sick of dad-rock, "Scary" Terry Stevens is the host of Scary Terry's Saturday Nightmare, a 3 hour metal show heard every Saturday from 9 to Midnight CST on Rock 94.7/102.9 in Central Wisconsin, online at www.rock947.com/listen-live and on your smartphone or tablet when you download the Rock 94.7 app.