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Unsigned and Awesome: The Goddamns

by Terry Stevens

[This is part of an ongoing series featuring kick ass artists that aren't signed to a label.]

PHOTO CREDIT: The Goddamns

Confession time. I can't stand modern blues. I get it. It's based on the foundation of pretty much every single piece of music that out there today, but that doesn't stop it from being boring as a high school valedictorian's graduation speech. (Sorry, honey. No one was entertained in the slightest.)

Modern blues performed by white dudes is even worse. Please, well-fed suburban caucasian, tell me more about "teh struggle". Lolz. Add a bunch of horns, harmonicas, or guitar wankery that they picked up from their weekly lessons at the local guitar shop and you have a recipe for please shoot me now.

[It's here that I'll take a minute for neckbearded modern blues fans to write an angry comment below about how "Teh bluz is teh onlee reel musix! U r prolly a fartlord Justin Beeber or ladee gaga fan!" Have at it, yo.]

But then you have The Goddamns.

Rock has a lot of 2-piece guitar/drummer acts that play some fancy schmancy music, but The Goddamns are all like "**** that noise, let's tear **** up!"

Their new 7-song album, "Wisco Disco" is Headbanging Blues filtered through Ministry, Hank III, and your mom. Dirty, low end guitar. Drumming that's more than a little metal. Metal shouts backing up the more traditional blues vox. There are a couple of tracks that venture into that "white guy blues" territory, but the rest of the disc is, like I said, (WAIT! Let's hashtag that ish!) #HeadbangingBlues.

Check out the vid for their first single. WARNING! SOME NSFW LYRICS!

Like every other band, they're on teh Facebooks . <---- Click that link for tour dates, tunes, and other assorted stuff.

These guys aren't going to be booked for those lucrative church festival gigs anytime soon, so if you like what you hear, buy some downloads/CDs/T-shirt/Male Enhancement (not sure if they really sell that) or whatever.

Like I said, I can't stand the blues, but I love The Goddamns. Unsigned and Awesome!

Screw it. Let's hashtag that too. #UnsignedAndAwesome.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Goddamns
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