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A war is coming: Five Finger Death Punch vs. Black Veil Brides

by Greg Atoms

Could this be our first great rock fight of 2013? This week Ivan Moody, lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch took to social media to blast the band Black Veil Brides. Check out his post here:


Now some in the "Metal Community" think both of these bands are "less than" or "s*itty" but I'm not metal enough to hate on a band for not being metal enough. The only time I lose interest and respect for a band is when they chase money; for example the jesus'ed up Creed or the pop-friendly dive of Nickelback. 

Now should Black Veil Brides win awards at a METAL award show? No. If that's what this is about, then I agree with Mr. Moody. You don't see LL Cool J rolling up into the American Country Music Awards and taking home a trophy...although those fans would probably give him something because he's on a crappy broadcast TV cop show, and those type of music fans LOVE crappy broadcast TV cop shows. 

Back to the point. We haven't had a good rock fight in a while. I hope this doesn't get pushed off by managers and agents, I want this thing to foam and boil over. Maybe a good on-stage fight will come from this. The rock world needs to take a page from pro-wrestling, the controversy between stars breeds interest. 

So ultimately, the question becomes, are you Team Death Punch or Team BvB?