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Devour the Day explain the painful origin of their new single "Move On"

by Lunchbox

Devour the Day is the band that has risen from the ashes after the break up of Egypt Central. Joey Chicago and Blake Allison picked up the pieces after their former bands' demise to find success with songs that were written to deal with the dark times that a band break up can bring on. 

But it wasn't only the break up of Egypt Central that led to the powerful lyrics found on their debut album Time and Pressure, there were some serious personal matters that were addressed. 

In a recent interview with antimusic.com Joey Chicago laid out the serious subject matter of their new single, "Move On" with the deeply personal origins for the lyrics:

"My wife, who I discovered was having an affair with her drug dealer, was screaming and hurling hatred at me, to combat her guilt, as the officers and apartment staff pulled me into the elevator.
As I stood there in the snow, chained to my confusion and pain, I received a call. John, the singer of the band I had put ten years of hard work into was quitting. No real explanation, just the end. Everything was over.
I had discovered my wife's infidelity at 7am, and by 9am, my marriage, my home and my career were over. I was empty. I watched my breath as it hit the frozen air and drift away. But I was still alive. After months of hurting in a way only those of us who have experienced real tragedy would, I remembered that simple fact: I was still alive."

Check out the lyric video here: