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Jonathan Davis of Korn puts Revolver magazine on blast

by Greg Atoms

Jonathan Davis has spent most of the last year getting verbal about what he doesn't like. From politicians to other artists, he's been anything but quiet. Well now he's expanding his verbal assault to print-media.

On a recent Revolver cover, they give love to the upcoming Mayhem Festival, including illustrations of Avenged Sevenfold, Mushroomhead, Asking Alexandria, and more, who will all be performing as part of this year's Mayhem Festival. However...Korn, who is the second largest band on the bill, is missing from the cover. Davis called them out on his personal Facebook page:

That's right, no Korn. But why? That's a pretty solid question. We could speculate that they didn't feel like Korn was relevant to the story inside the mag, or that they couldn't choose which member of the band to feature. Or, we could just see what Revolver thinks. If only they made a public comment on the situation...wait. They did. Check this tweet:

Well, actually...can't really be mad about this I guess. At least, that's my take. Korn, why haven't you accepted your invites to the Golden Gods Awards? Are you too good for them? Maybe you could have made at least one? Hell, Tony Iommi was there this year to represent Black Sabbath! Are you bigger than Sabbath!?!?

Honestly, if you don't care enough about Revolver to show up to their award show, which by the way is the marquee rock music award show, why do you care that you weren't on their cover?

Part of me thinks JDevil is just looking for something to complain about.