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Nick Cage dresses up for a Guns 'N Roses concert

by Lunchbox

I love Nicholas Cage. That's not even a joke. Go watch Con Air and tell me he's not one of the greatest actors of our generation! Have you seen Face/Off? Or Ghost Rider!?!

Nick Cage is so bad ass, he even has his own death already planned out. Last year I took a trip to New Orleans to see his tomb. He already has his tomb prepared in New Orleans most famous cemetery, Saint Louis Cemetery , here's a picture I took of his final resting place:

But anyway, you're probably here to see the next evolution of Nick Cage's BadAssery...First of all, in this picture, he's hanging out backstage at a GNR show. Second, he's rocking Mardi Gras beads and a cowboy hat. Third, he' hanging out with Andrew Dice Clay drinking wine. But most importantly, he's wearing a shirt with a meme-face of himself on it: