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Rob Zombie goes "Ask Me Anything" on his Facebook page

by Lunchbox

This morning shock-rocker Rob Zombie decided to give followers of his Facebook page a little treat. He took questions from his fans and answered a good chunk of them for about 20mins...

Now there were some pretty typical questions for this kind of thing, like


Or these kind of people...

But there was also some pretty good info about Zombie's directing career. For example, the movie about the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers, Broad Street Bullies, that he had to shelf earlier this year...which he shed some light on:

And of course, he had to talk horror movies...but don't look for any sequels or remakes anytime soon:

He also picked up on some questions about fellow rockers, with some good, and interesting answers

He had some really funny comments too...like clearing up that weird "Rick James crack" story from last summer

How about the occult, UFOs, and Twerking?

Then he shared some really nice moments with fans...

Count Gorgann...sorry kid, you were named by Rob Zombie on a site we used to call Facebook. Anyway, it's really nice to see artists as big as Mr. Mother F'ing Zombie connect with his fans this way.