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Video Debut: Pop Evil "Trenches"

by Lunchbox

Pop Evil's new album Onyx is set to hit stores on Tuesday the 14th, and in advance they've released the video for their lead single, "Trenches" 

Talking this week to drummer Chachi Riot about the new album, Onyx, he explained that since the band has been on the road so much over the last 24 months, they hadn't had time to sit down and write new music:

"Nobody panicked, but we needed to write a whole album in, like, 2 months. And have it done. And it could have went really bad, and, I mean, for whatever reason, if you believe in destiny of something I guess, but it happened extremely fluidly."

As far as what to expect on the new album, Chachi had a tease that will really catch some attention:

"Previously two of our biggest songs, "Monster (You Made)" and "100 (in a 55)", you know acoustic guitar ballads. Um, there's NO acoustic guitar on the whole album. And I'm not going to say there's no mid-tempos, but there's no acoustic whatsoever."

The new Pop Evil album Onyx will be available in store and for digital download starting next Tuesday, May 14th.