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Surf-Punk Legends Come to Grand Rapids

by Eli Kroes

Combining the nihilistic lyrics and fast-paced aggression of punk with the twangy weirdness of surf rock might seem like an obvious thing nowadays, but Orange County old dudes Agent Orange were one of the first groups to stumble on the sound. Splitting the difference between angry skater anthems like 'Bloodstains'  (you know...the song from Tony Hawk Pro-Skater) and covers of instrumental surf classics, the band carved an unusual niche in the hardcore punk scene.

Though they never officially 'broke up,' they haven't done much in recent years aside from a handful of shows and a few re-recordings of old classics. 

This summer, they begin a tour with offensive pop-punk lifers Guttermouth, which makes its way to Grand Rapids on October 12th (yes, I know, it's far too long to wait.) Some of you 90's folks might remember Guttermouth as the band that pretty much messed up an entire Offspring tour by being drunk and sticking drumsticks up their butts. This is a pretty definitive Guttermouth song.  If you like it, you'll like them. 

The show is at the Pyramid Scheme Bar in Grand Rapids  at 8 PM. It's also 18+, which it should be considering Guttermouth.

Photo by Greg Younger.