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New Music This Week on KRRO

by Cade

Like I mentioned in my last music post, the bigger bands tend to release their new stuff in the fall. We're not quite in the throws of autumn, but you know it's getting close when the temp starts to drop and you notice some new music from established rockers.

This week features new cuts from, Alter Bridge, Shinedown and Volbeat.

The new record from Alter Bridge, entitled, "Fortress" drops October 8th.  The first single is, "Addicted To Pain".  This will be the fourth album from the former Creed band-mates.  Front-man Myles Kennedy told Classic Rock magazine that, "their 12-track latest work is unapologetic, searing hard rock."  This is definitely the harder side of Kennedy as a vocalist.  He's the rare breed of singer that can sound just as amazing with the hard stuff as he does crooning out a ballad.  Addicted To Pain is a song about break ups and how some of us feel the need for consolation and pity.  It's backed by some killer guitar work from the hands of Mark Tremonti.

Shinedown's latest offering, "Adrenaline" is the fifth release from 2010's "Amaryllis" album.  Five singles from one band off of the same album is amost unheard of these days.  But, when every song on the album is as good as the next, you might as well let the world hear it.  Adrenaline is an up-tempo, heart-pumping, ass-kicking experience.  It only makes sense that you hear it during highlights on SportsCenter and as a theme song for the WWE.

Volbeat is becoming one of my favorite bands.  I feel like anything they ever release is well beyond exceptional.  It's not too often a bunch of lads from Denmark make it big in the states.  But, ever since their first U.S. release in 2010 they've been at the top of every rock music chart.  It certainly doesn't hurt when you're endorsed by Metallica as being one of their favorite bands!  These guys definitely know how to do rock 'n roll.  The new tune from Volbeat is, "Lola Montez".  It's the second release from this year's, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies album.  Lola sounds like a sexy dame.  This is another awesome song from a truly, international band.  Get some culture in your life.  Insert Volbeat into your ear-hole immediately.