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New Music This Week on KRRO

by Cade

New Music This Week on KRRO

We’ve added a pair of new songs to the playlist this week.  Listen for new tracks from Seether and Stone Temple Pilots.

The new Seether song, “Seether” is a cover of the 1994 Veruca Salt song that the South-African rockers credit for their own name.  You’ll be able to find it on the forthcoming Greatest Hits and B-Sides collection which is in stores October 29th.  The lyrics might be the same, but Seether definitely put their own twist on things.  This version is more driven by crunching guitar riffs than anything else.  It’s a cool tune.  I enjoy cover songs and absolutely LOVE Seether.  Although, I prefer the original version over this latest effort.  Regardless of what I think, it’s certainly worth listening for yourself.

Stone Temple Pilots just released their first album with Chester Bennington on lead vocals.  The 5-song EP is available now.  The new song, “Black Heart” is the follow-up to “Out Of Time”.  It’s the second release from the new sound of STP.  From the interviews I’ve read about Chester joining STP, it sounds as if it won’t just be a one-time thing.  This will be the new STP from now on.  Where that leaves the front-man with his other band, Linkin Park, remains to be known.  Someone mentioned a few weeks back that they think STP sounds better with Chester than it ever did with former front-man, Scott Weiland.  I scoffed at that comment at first.  But, he does have a point.  I can’t imagine anyone but Weiland on the early Pilots work.  But, the most recent stuff hasn’t been all that good.  Bennington has infused energy back into the band.  I like how the songs still sound STPish, but the vocal work is another animal.  Bennington credits longtime members, the DeLeo brothers for continuing to lay down their signature sound and grant him freedom to interpret the lyrics the way he sees fit.