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New Music This Week on KRRO

by Cade

We’ve added two new tunes to the KRRO’s roster of rock this week.

First we have a new cut from Avenged Sevenfold.  “Shepherd Of Fire” is the lead track on their latest album, Hail To The King.  The song is what we’ve come to expect from A7X.  Hard-hitting drums and crunching guitar riffs underneath the passionate vocals from front man, M. Shadows.  The video has a real Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas  feel to it.

The other song we just started playing is from another well-known rock group.  Seether is back with, “Weak” from their Greatest Hits album available now.  Seether has always done a great job of being able to infuse a ballad with hard-core rock ‘n roll.  They’ve done it again with “Weak”.  It starts off soft but then lead singer, Sean Morgan gets into it with some intense vocals.