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New Tunes This Week on 103-7 the KRRO

by Cade

Let’s hope the beginning of 2014 offers more for rock fans than the end of 2013 did.  We’re already off to a good start with three new songs added to the KRRO’s playlist this week.

The first of them being a release from Alter Bridge, “Addicted To Pain”.  It’s hard to believe that Alter Bridge will celebrate their 10th anniversary already this year with a 27-disc boxed set to be released this month.  “Addicted To Pain” is a dark, yet melodic song that you have come to expect from this band.  The vocals of front-man, Myles Kennedy are laid over crunching, driving guitar riffs from axe-man, Mark Tremonti.

The Australian band, Sick Puppies dropped a new single.  “Gunfight” is a fun, intense rocker.  I usually don’t like a lot of current references in my music.  I think it seems to date a song too much.  But, it works in this tune.  I found myself singing along after just a few times listening to the track.  I have a feeling we’ll get a ton of requests for this song.

Finally, we've added another song from Stone Temple Pilots featuring Chester Bennington on lead vocals.  The song is the second release from the latest version of Stone Temple Pilots.  I would've never guessed that another human who is not Scott Weiland would be able to pull off singing for S.T.P.  But, Chester is perfect with the Pilots.