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Guess What?!?!!!

by Ryder

Metal = HAPPY! And Jason Newsted live proves it. The former Metallica bassist is releasing music with new band mates Jessie Farnsworth and Jesus Mendez, Jr. under simply Newsted and played a string of dates mostly on the Gigantour with fellow Metallica alum Dave Mustaine. Soldierhead appears on both the 4 song Metal EP Newsted release in January and the full length Heavy Metal Music out now. So you know Jason can still get it done in the studio, but the man still kills it live, too. Undoubtedly playing his fingers to the bone and screaming his lungs out, despite just coming off a bout of walking pneumonia, Jason IS a front man. Razing the crowd, getting the pits going, even doing some backup vocals for tour mates Hellyeah, Jason belongs center stage. The are only a handful of dates left. Either get ready call in sick to work and drop some serious cash, or pray there will be a second leg.