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Holiday Shopping Tips for the Single Mom

by Nikki Montgomery

Holiday Shopping Tips for the Single Mom (or the mom on a budget).

You're probably asking yourself why I'm blogging about this in July. The answer is simple, if you are a single mom or a mom on a budget you should be Christmas shopping now. Starting early is one of the biggest keys to getting through the holidays without huge credit card bills. 

  • Pick up items throughout the year as they are on sale...even though stores will tell you they have huge sales right before Christmas you can often find the same deals at other times of the year.
  • Subscribe to your favorite store's newsletter so you will get email alerts telling you what's on sale this week. Some stores offer text alerts now too for good deals. 
  • Check Craigslist and Ebay for big ticket items if they are gently used your kids won't know. 
  • Keep your eye out for manufacturer coupons on toys and clothes. You can often use these in conjunction with store coupons. 
  • Another great way to get a little extra cash is to sell stuff you don't use or need anymore. Your kids grow out of clothes so fast and they're just collecting in bins in your basement why not take them to a consignment shop or host a garage sale and make a little extra money to buy new items for Christmas?
  • Do you shop at consignment stores or thrift stores? Why not? You can often find new or barely used items at a fraction of the cost you would buy them in a department store.