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Jim Harbaugh Takes a Shot at Clay Matthews During his Monday Presser.

by Jon Henseler

Now I know 'hate' is a strong word but I honest to God think I hate Jim Harbaugh. And I really didn't mind him in his playing days. Probably because he was consistently imprinted on the turf during his Bear years when they played the Pack and I think I might have actually rooted for him during his Captain Comeback year with the Colts. But every since he re-entered the NFL he has gone, what Robert Downey in Tropic Thunder would say, 'full' douche. Like I think even Jay Cutler is sick of hearing him whine and watching him pout. And that's his move! But this bro has had sand in his whispering eye pretty much since 2011. Like I think I'm retroactively on team Schwartz after their dust up two years ago. Just unreal. I pray these two teams meet up in the playoffs and I haven't prayed since the last play in the 4th quarter on Sunday.

PS: Gotta give it to Harbaugh though. If anyone should  preach manliness, it's him.

Double PS: I want to live in a world where Matthews said this before he slapped Staley: