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Johnny Manziel's Parents Hire Lawyers That Are Too Good To Be True.

by Jon Henseler

Sometimes in life things don't turn out as awesome as you had previously hoped they would. The danger of high expectations. Like when I was 12 29 years old, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park were my JAMS. And I fully expected that at this point in my life I'd be riding my hoverboard to a dinosaur zoo where I could ride on the back of a brontosaurus all day. Major letdown so far. But when I heard that Johnny Manziel's parents lawyered up to defend this idiotic autograph scandal, I clicked on the link to the story and had every expectation met. Like this is PRECISELY how I'd expect two lawyers to look who are representing a kid named Johnny Football in Texas. All these guys need to do is hire Champ Kind and it would be the hat trick. Also, what do you think the percentage chance is that these guys walk into court wearing six shooters on their hips. 6,000%?

PS: I know we just blogged about how moronic the NCAA is but moronic but this is the latest yet in their many moronic choices. I feel like Allen Iverson. We're talking about autographs? Really? Autographs? Not a game, not a game, not a game.....but autographs? Not to mention the kid is 20 years old, just won the Heisman and beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa. What's he getting suspended for being awesome?

Double PS: Get these guys some championship belts STAT! Dead ringers for the Smokin' Guns.