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Local Louisville Reporter Adam Lefkoe Hits a Home Run with 'Wrestlecast'

by Jon Henseler

There are very few people I think I have genuine respect for in life. Larry David, Abraham Lincoln, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Selleck, Eric Church, Jon Taffer and Uncle Si in no particular order are probably at the top of my list. I should probably put my parents on there two for being the first two official stockholders in Strange Brew Incorporated. And I'll throw Mr. Feeny on that list even though he's not 'technically' a 'real' person if you get hung up on semantics. But my man Adam Lefkoe here just joined that list of prestige because this is the most epic thing I think I've ever watched in local TV news history. 31 old school wrestling references in one segment! 31! Probably took him longer to write this than it took Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence. But it was all worth it when his video went viral yesterday. The only problem for him now is how to top it. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Wrestlecast! And yes I'm capitalizing 'Wrestlecast.' We learned in school to capitalize words that deserve respect. Read a book.

PS: My only gripe is Kent Spencer reporting on location with a complete goose egg in terms of wrestling references. Just out there reporting the news like he wants a real job in the future. Hey Kent! Wake up buddy! This is Wrestlecast! Grab you glove and get in the game.

Double PS: A sign of the times; Wrestlecast in 1960: You're fired! Wrestlecast in 2013: You won the internet!

Triple PS: Meow.