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A risk? Of course.

by Jason Miller

From a recording gathered by our Sports Director, Mark Daniels, Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy says, "Not to pick on other sports, but we've looked at it; You don't want to go the way of boxing, you think back to the '50s and '60s and how popular boxing was, it just got to the point where the injuries and the health problems of the sport were just so bad that it turned off fans. I think that's a concern that we all have.

"Objectively, you look at the popularity of the NFL and it may not have ever been at a higher level in terms of ratings and attendance, but it can change quickly. So I think we have to be, I wouldn't say overly aggressive, but have to be willing to look at the game and make changes that will make it safer."

Mr. Murphy, I disagree about 1,000 percent.

People don't watch boxing because of the violence, ummm, MMA sir, they don't watch boxing because there isn't that polarizing figure.  We had Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson to just name two who helped launch a sport into a stratosphere that no one saw coming.  It took a turn because you can’t name the Heavyweight, Middleweight, or Lightweight Champions anymore. 

Football will always have polarizing figures. Did they lose one in Ray Lewis, yes, but they have Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, both Mannings, plus a host of others that will draw the fan to the sport. 

MMA, Chris Weidman, newly crowned Champ, Jon “Bones” Jones – champ at his weight class and Benson Henderson – Champ at his weight class. 

This is my point and I will make it quick.  If you can’t name more than one guy who is playing or fighting right now, the sport suffers because it lacks marquee value, not because it has big hits. 

One reason people watch the NFL is for the big hit. My ten year old was asked the other day about getting hit in Pop Warner. His answer?  If I worry about that; how will I catch, run or tackle. 

My point here is: When you start the game you know what you are getting into, just ask the players.

Quick look into my personal life.  I have been married to a beautiful woman for 11 years and have known her almost two decades now.  We have three awesome kids, a house, car, van and a stack of bills like most. 

However, I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, brittle bones.  I am going through some stuff right now.  Should I worry that because I am going through some stuff right now that my wife will divorce me because I have a broken leg and a hurt back?  I asked and her answer was I knew what I was getting when I married you.

Do those athletes put their collective lives on the line every time they step out on the field? 

You bet!