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WHY....WHY...these guys won't help!!

by Jason Miller

Bucks fans, if there are any of you out there.  We have a problem.  And I mean a serious problem.  This isn't the usual hey this team sucks reminder.  This is the HOLY CRAP no one cares about this team except for us.  Did you see who they are interviewing for the head coach of your Milwaukee Bucks?  Oh get ready for this...Kelvin Sampson, yes that same Kelvin Sampson who got his rear end ran out of Indiana, the same guy who then joined the Bucks coaching staff and couldn't help Skiles keep his job and then went to Houston where he, and I say this loosely, helped Kevin Mchale in Houston.  Seriously, this is the best guy you can come up with.  

Now I get to the next guy who can't keep a job in the league, Larry Drew.  Drew, coached the Atlanta Hawks the past 3 seasons but his contract was not re-upped. On Tuesday, the Hawks hired longtime San Antonio Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer as coach.  I know...WHO?  So not only can he NOT coach a talented team in Atlanta but now he's looking at getting with the Bucks?  This is a bad idea on so many levels that I just want to spit.  And by spitting I mean like a freaking Camel!!  

Could Herb really be less interested in this team?  Could he just do one of two things.  Sell the club so they can have an owner who cares or start caring.  You have a city and a state just ready to erupt with support if you put a winner on the court.  Get a good coach, not looking for Phil Jackson, a better GM, I am available, and then get yourself a couple of decent players who want to be in a Bucks jersey and you will be surprised at how this team will take off.  Ummm remember Sam Cassell, Ray Allen and Glen Robinson?  I said in an earlier blog that they haven't had a good coach since George Karl...he just won coach of the year.  Sampson and Drew, NOT George Karl, not even if you put an ish behind it.