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Full Price For Junk

by Tom King

The Packers wound down a lack-luster pre-season with a 30-8 loss in Kansas City last night. Aaron Rodgers didnt play and and the back-ups struggled. There wasnt a full house at Arrowhead Stadium and who could blame them. The Chiefs fan-base is one of the more rabid in the NFL and even they didnt want to pay full price for this garbage. I would imagine that even these fine purveyors of pre-owned merchandise would turn up their noses at full price for pre-season junk.

the The time has come to either shorten the pre-season (these guys are in shape when they come to camp for the most part)...lower the price of the "exhibition games"...or donate the proceeds of these "exhibitions to charity. I know the Packers already do that to some extent but it seems pretty clear that many teams view these games as a naked money grab and NFL fans deserve better

The Badgers get underway tomorrow at Camp Randall against patsy UMASS. It appears that at least for this year, the Big Ten is loaded with these early games. Even Indiana found someone they could hammer...they beat Indiana State last night 73-35. Minnesota ran over UNLV 51-23 although I understand why you schedule the Runnin Rebs...you get a return home game to Sin City and the alumni like that.