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The Most Hated Sports Figure In Wisconsin Is.....

by Tom King

There is a new poll out that asked the question "Who is the most hated sports figure in Wisconsin" and the answer may surprise you. You might think it would be Ryan Braun. The Brewer slugger popularity as certainly plunged since he admitted using PEDS and lying about it. Only 15% of respondents had a positive opinion on Braun. Earlier this year he had a 60% approval rate. You might think the most hated would still be Brett Favre. Nope, He has actually moved up to 50% approval...up from 26% in 2010. It will probably be sooner rather than later when Favre is welcomed back to Lambeau and his number and name are added to the "Ring Of Honor".

No the #1 disliked sports figure in the Badger State is a former Badger. Bret Bielema has pretty much burned his bridges in the state. Only 6% of poll respondents had a positive opinion of Bielema. Now granted many Badger fans never held Bielema in high esteem and that's probably a main reason why he left and why he doesnt have fond memories of his stay here even if they won alot of games. But his abrasive personality continues to grate even though he's no longer here and his wife's tweet after the Badger loss at Arizona State won't help..."karma" indeed.

Its no surprise that the most popular sports figure in Wisconsin is Aaron Rodgers. 75% of respondents like Rodgers...only 7% don't. You wonder where those 7% live.