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Little League World Series is Refreshing

by Craig Mattick

Following professional sports today has me taking a shower several times a day.

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez charged with 1st Degree murder....New York Yankee's Alex Rodriguez involvement with PED's.....Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun says he's cheated taking PED's...Carolina Panthers running back Aaron Green kicks a defensive player in the groin...Texas A&M's QB Johnny Manziel investigated for signing autographs while there is a lawsuit by former players against the NCAA who say they should be paid to play.

Professional sports has more stories off the field/court than the game itself.  

Thank goodness we have the Little League World Series!  What's more innocent than 11-13 year old boys playing a kids game?  The LLWS has been going on since the late 1940's in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Despite what Tom Hanks said in the movie, "A League of Their Own," there is crying in baseball.  I'm not saying I like watching boys cry, but its the emotions which come from the youngsters. They get excited after a great play and they can become very emotional if they screw up on national television.  

ESPN/ABC has been airing the LLWS for years, and now, they are also airing the girls national youth fastpitch tournament. (must be a Title IX issue)

I'll be watching the LLWS championship game this weekend.  Its refreshing in so many ways, unless we start hearing about the kids cheating on their report cards......