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Big Brother is Winning

by Nick Vitrano

And boom goes the dynamite!  Take that A-Rod and the other MLB dozen.  Alan H. Selig brought down the hammer yesterday, confirming the suspensions we knew were coming, among them a ban through 2014 for Alex Rodriguez.  Not long enough, as far as I’m concerned, but whatever.  Wait, not whatever.  What are you waiting for, MLB?  Just drop the lifetime ban and move forward.  He’s appealing, others would certainly appeal such a sentence, but let that be what it is and work itself out through the court of appeals.  When you’ve got the evidence to charge a guy, you go for it.  You don’t shoot for something lesser because a guy might appeal.  DO IT!!!

Anyway, that’s not my intent of this blog…

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in sports: MLB, the NCAA investigating Johnny “Football” Manziel, and in light of the Biogenesis PED scandal, NFL players are actually calling for their league to get a HGH test in place.  Players ASKING for more testing ?  Shut the front door!  Now we have seen everything.

For all of us who desire a clean athlete, free of scandal, be it PEDs or cash for amateur autographs or whatever, rejoice in this clear shift in power.  No more is a respective athlete above the law.  No longer can a contract, a popularity poll, a Heisman trophy shield the athlete from scrutiny and justice.  In fact, so vigilant are the governing agencies of sport today that the superstar is regarded as the elusive 30-point buck – the bigger the trophy take-down, the more credibility unto them.

The headlines of the present day represent a marked change in the climate of sports.  Big Brother isn't merely watching...he's winning.  Watch your butts, cheaters.  We’re comin’ for ya! 

Tease image: Author - walknboston via Wikimedia Commons