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Seriously, TMZ?

by Nick Vitrano

I’m not sure what TMZ’s deal is with Aaron Rodgers.  They must be huge San Francisco 49ers fans or big supporters of Boyz II Men.  I don’t know, maybe both.  But they insist on piling soil atop a mole hole, intent on fashioning a mountain.

Remember the GB-SF opener last season?  Of course you do.  Remember when Boyz II Men performed the National Anthem?  Maybe not, but they did, and the back story  is that Rodgers and Boyz II Men member Nathan Morris worked a little deal to make it happen: if the Pack lost, Rodgers would wear an Alex Smith jersey for the next week.  Green Bay lost and Rodgers never wore the jersey and TMZ cannot let it go.  

Last night, one of their photogs ran into Rodgers in L.A. and asked him about the recent Colin Kaepernick controversy.  Kaepernick, SF’s QB (as we know all too well), was recently photographed wearing a Miami Dolphins hat.  Folks aren’t too happy about it, and I’m actually with them.  As an employee of the SF 49ers, you don’t sport attire from your competitor.  It’s not illegal in the real world, but in the sporting world, it’s a 1st degree intentional homicide type of offense.  So, TMZ asks Rodgers about it and Rodgers blows them off…and somehow TMZ believes this further evidence of Rodgers’ snobbery over the opening day wager with Boyz II Men.  Hmm…   

Not only is the connection irrationally established, the backlash over Kaepernick donning a Dolphins cap is air-tight evidence of Rodgers’ sound logic not to follow-up on what was certainly a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, chuckle of a wager between acquaintances.

Let it go, TMZ.

Here is the video:

And HERE is the TMZ story, convicting Rodgers of being a "sore loser."