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by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I have a recurring that I am abducted by a man and we are around people. I kept asking people to call the police for help, but no one ever does. Irene 63, West Chester, PA

Lauri: Kidnappings and abductions typically happen in dreams when something is pulling us away from our normal daily routine or normal peace of mind in waking life. What's got you sidetracked lately or off your game? Not getting help when asking for it in a dream is usually one of two things in waking life: You need a helping hand or advice but aren't comfortable asking for it OR you are in a situation that is yours alone and no one can help you but you.

Irene replies: I am very sidetracked lately with helping my husband prepare for a week long backpacking trip, which has been very time consuming. Also we had water damage two weeks ago, so I'm dealing with getting new carpeting, all this while holding down a job and volunteering. These aren't major things, but I always feel like I'm putting out small fires and never able to complete a job with all the distractions and responsibilities I have. I often feel overwhelmed when I can't get to everything I need to do. I just read your interpretation to my husband and he agrees with you.

Lauri: Youre husband is obviously very wise! Here's what you need to take from the dream, you've reached a point of inner crisis, not quite red zone, but enough that your psyche is screaming for help. Take a couple things off of your plate, something that is not absolutely necessary. This will restore psychological and energy balance to you. You keep getting these dreams because you keep taking on too much. Life is short. Don't be too busy to enjoy it.

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