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KRRO Sports Wrap - Tuesday, February 25

by Cade

Florida is the new number-one ranked team in men's college basketball.  Wichita State is second and Arizona rounds out the top three.  Previously unbeaten Syracuse falls to fourth after suffering back-to-back losses last week.

Timberwolves forward, Kevin Love has been voted the Western Conference Player of the Week.  That's the second time he's won the award this season.  Minnesota is in Phoenix tonight to tangle with the Suns.

Don't expect to see as many home plate collisions in baseball this season.  The league is trying to cut down on concussions and collisions at home are a major factor behind the head traumas.  If a player goes out of the base path to take out the catcher, it will be an automatic out regardless of whether the catcher hangs on to the ball or not. 

Hulkamaniacs, rejoice!  Hulk Hogan is back with the WWE after a six year absence from the sport.  Hogan tweeted earlier this year that, "2014 is my year and it's the year of Hulk Hogan and my perfect life, I totally accept it brother".  His first role with WWE will be to host Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans.