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Hockey Player Wants You to See What a Puck to the Mouth Does.

by Ryder

Just so we're clear, Mitch Callahan was already missing his two front teeth BEFORE a teammate sent a puck soaring straight for his pie-hole.

Callahan, of course, did what ANY prospective Red Wings player would do... he sent out a picture of the injury to his twitter followers . Be warned, this is not something you can unsee.

Seriously, it's really gross.

Extremely disgusting.

If you're eating, please stop now.

And you might gag a little bit.

Or a maybe if you've got a really weak stomach you might throw up in your mouth a little.

But not a full on vomit.

Probably Not.

So don't keep scrolling unless you really want to see this.

I mean REALLY REALLY want to see this.

No, like REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see this.

Okay, you asked for it:

Kid still looks reasonably happy. Nice catch by deadspin.com