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Hot Dirty Sexy Time News: What Your Job Says About Your Naughty Time

by Ryder

Your job says a lot about how often you like getting your dirty nasty freak on and what you're willing to do. The sex obsessed staff at nerve.com compiled years of studies based on income and occupation and here's the jist of what they found:

1 - If you make over 80 grand you're not getting a lot of action, probably because of your "long hours"

You are more likely to do it in the woods, we guess since you can't get 4g out there.

2 - Earning between 25k and 57k means you're doing it pretty close to everyday, and you're open to some bondage stuff. Threesomes? Not so much.

3 - Musicians and Artist get the most action.

*We really have no idea how much action Taylor Momsen gets, but we're sure it's to her satisfaction.

4 - Doctors, Lawyers and CEOs or other people in positions of power are more likely to have an affair.

5 - Mechanics, Cooks and Office workers (news anchors work at desks...) like dipping their pen in company ink.